BCS Recycling is committed to sustainable solutions and transparency in reporting. Our reporting sets the standard in the industry and we pride ourselves on our transparency. Clients are able to see exactly what was saved and where everything went, which is invaluable information.

We understand that every business has unique requirements, so we create custom solutions for each of our clients. Our logistics managers ensure that pick ups are completed on time and reports are created in a timely fashion.

Our clients are able to measure their environmental impact through our certified recycling and disposal services. Our landfill and EPA reporting allow your organization the assurance of knowing and measuring where and how your material was disposed.

We always focus on the highest recovery value possible for our customers.



We will arrange to receive your products at one of our facilities.


We will sort your products into the appropriate categoried, depending on how they will be recycled, reused or disposed of.


We will take the necessary steps to recycle, reuse or dispose of your products in an environmentally friendly manner.


Within 30 days we will prepare a custom report that tracks the results and final environmental impact of your goods.